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The used car market is an increasingly competitive domain – demand is high, stock is under pressure and customers are as savvy as ever. With cost-of-living stress hitting hard, consumers are looking more and more for ways to drive their dollar further.

So how does your dealership get the edge? To stay in touch in this ever-advancing automotive digital marketplace, you need technology tools that not only connect with your customers but keep them with you.

Trade-in Offer is a car appraisal software solution that does just that, and more. 

Designed for dealer groups, franchises and independent dealers, Trade-in Offer allows your customers to obtain an on-the-spot, online offer for their vehicle. And with just a few extra clicks, they’re booked in for an inspection at your door. Here’s what Trade-in Offer will bring for your dealership:

Satisfied customers

We know today’s consumers enjoy the convenience and flexibility of shopping online. Our research shows that 25% want to start their journey online and more than 40% plan to sell their car privately. They also want instant results and a quick turnaround on knowing what they’re car is worth. 

The easier you can make the online experience, the easier it is to turn a potential seller doing research into a satisfied customer who has trust in their valuation – and in your business. 

Trade-in Offer for dealerships drives your car sales further, providing an easy-to-use, interactive digital tool that connects customers and gives them what they want – a hassle-free trade-in at their fingertips.

More qualified sellers

With consumers who know what they want, also comes qualified sellers who are set to take the next step. 

Car sales happen quicker with Trade-in Offer, bringing savvy automotive customers ready to offload their vehicles straight to your business. The right offer gives them confidence – and gives you a happy and loyal customer. 

You’re in control

With the Trade-in Offer valuation tool for dealers, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to pricing. Instant Offer software gives you full control to adjust pricing how and when you need, so that all your offers stay in line with your price parameters.

You can also set your own specific criteria for all vehicle elements, from body interior, load and profile to service history and accident status.

Smooth website integration

Trade-in Offer dealership appraisal tool is integrated seamlessly into your website, either through our Connect tool or a call-to-action link anywhere on your site. 

We know that more than 60% of all trade-in leads come from valuation leads, so Trade-in Offer makes the car sales process smoother than ever.  An on-the-spot valuation through a simple, intuitive platform gives your customers reason to trust. And with trust comes loyalty and ongoing engagement with your business. 

Helps source stock

Instant Offer can also work for you as another tool in your dealership’s acquisition strategy. Never has there been so much demand for new and used cars. Stock is limited and competition is high. 

With Trade-in Offer, you can turn an on-the-spot valuation into a trade-in lead, allowing you to buy inventory on your terms. Trade-in Offer provides peace of mind that the trade-in value you present online is fair, with you retaining ultimate control to deliver the expected return on investment. – it’s a win-win for you and your consumers.

To find out more about Trade-in Offer vehicle valuation software and how it can help your dealership, go to