Manheim looks after our customers’ assets every step of the way with a wide range of vehicle services providing additional value for our customers to maximise the return on their assets.

Manheim Vehicle Services Car Detailing and Car Polishing


Detailing is just one of the many vehicle services provided by Manheim. With multiple detailing packages to choose from there’s a solution for every vehicle.


Qualified inspectors conduct lease-end refurbishment inspections and repair estimates to provide our sellers with an independent assessment of vehicle handback condition, reporting tools to track trends across the fleet and advice on return standards and contractual conditions.


Manheim offers customers a wide range of solutions for vehicle rectification. Offering the most modern repair techniques, we ensure your vehicle/s are quickly restored to the best condition for the sale. Services include repairing of windscreens, chips, scuffs, exterior plastic, interior trim and upholstery and the refurbishment of alloy wheels.


Our range of logistics services include fully secure, monitored storage on-site and off-site facilities with capacity for over 35,000 vehicles across Australia and New Zealand. Every vehicle stored on-site at Manheim is bar-coded and scanned at entry, for easy identification and efficient management.


Manheim has a dedicated transport team ready to organise transport of your vehicle anywhere in Australia and New Zealand, safely and on time. The team can facilitate transport for a wide range of vehicles including cars, motorbikes, boats, vans, trucks, caravans and heavy industrial items.

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