Our Retail & Data Solutions

As a global leader in automotive digital retail, we’ve created new tools needed to break down the traditional barriers to connect digital solutions across multiple channels and create a seamless vehicle buying experience.

Our data products capture a comprehensive view of market trends and insights and allow our customers to access smart, real-time data and the essential metrics that drive competitive advantage and profitability.

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Digital Marketing

Our team of digital marketing experts provide automotive dealers and OEMs with industry-specific digital marketing solutions to optimise online performance. We have an online marketing solution to match your business size and goals from websites, email automation platforms, and click-to-buy tools.

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Data & Valuations

Our proprietary data and valuation platforms give you access to real-time, intelligent, and relevant market information to optimise your operation and make the right decisions.

We specialise in inventory distribution providing unbiased data management for market-leading destinations. As we are not an advertiser, we don’t have any conflict of interest with third-party advertisers or have any say in how you decide to spend your marketing budget.

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Sales & Finance

Automate your sales and marketing pipeline and create productive relationships with your customers through a personalised and straightforward car buying experience.

Our platform provides you with the tools and techniques for the seamless selling of Finance and Insurance products. It helps your business drive the end-to-end strategy, people, processes, and technology transformation required to successfully adapt and win in today’s environment.

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Customer Retention

Whatever your business, the most powerful thing you can do to guarantee ongoing success is to keep the customers you already have!

With our dynamic and easy to use tools, your customers can renew their registration, pay their finance quote, book their next service appointment and much more! Our tools are designed to keep your customers in your ecosystem whilst you identify new sales opportunities according to their needs.

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Kelley Blue Book

Making car valuations with confidence is possible with Kelley Blue Book as it looks at market segments defined by VFACTS and uses sub-segments to better group cars for valuation purposes. Each vehicle model is valued respective to its segment for a reliable value and our valuation methodology is reflective of actual market conditions. Users can access valuations relevant to their state/region and, using our Registration & VIN lookup capability, customers can identify and value an exact vehicle.

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