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Our Manheim business has become the first automotive auction house in Australia to make videos available on passenger and commercial vehicles listed for sale in public auctions.

This feature is still being rolled out but, at sites with photobooths, videos are captured of vehicles starting and driving out of the photobooth.

A second video of the engine running is planned, pending the results of emissions tests.

At non-photo booth sites, 10-second clips of engines running are captured and start and drive videos will be trialled at sites where neutral backgrounds are available.

Customers access the videos by clicking on hotspots positioned on the vehicle within the 360° player. The hotspot positioned toward the rear of the vehicle launches the start and drive video. Hotspots positioned at the front of vehicles launch engine running clips.

Business Transformation Program Manager, Brenton Barnes, said the content was developed with customer requirements front of mind, and photographers and WHS were also heavily involved to ensure the process could be accommodated safely and scaled up quickly without disruption.