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It’s no secret that consumer behaviour has changed in recent years. While the cost of living is biting, lingering effects of the pandemic and better access to technology means that customers have greater expectations, tighter margins and more knowledge than ever before. And this applies just as much in the automotive industry. 

So how do you keep your dealership one step ahead of the rest? Car buyers today want the best deal possible, both before and after they’ve found their dream vehicle. 

Cox Automotive’s Finance and Aftermarket software is a dealership finance platform that gives them just that. You don’t have to be a financier or insurance specialist, Finance and Aftermarket delivers the tools and connections to provide your customers with professional finance service and a range of competitive options to choose from, putting them in the driver’s seat.

Our research shows that Finance and Aftermarket boosts your profits and saves your dealership valuable time. Here’s how:

Full integration with top partners

Leave finance and insurance to the experts. We help you connect your customers to more than 30 top financial and insurance partners from around Australia, helping them find the right finance and after sales solution for their car purchase. 

DMS integration

As well as real financier integration, Finance and Aftermarket operates in real-time. Integrating seamlessly with your DMS, it removes the hassle of data re-entry and provides a complete end-to-end strategy. It also features API-integrated risk-based pricing, pre-approvals and real-time digital finance application, making it the ultimate and most comprehensive dealership finance platform.

Smart tools

The best finance and after sales services software runs effortlessly because it’s supported by the best tools. Finance and Aftermarket will keep you on track with a host of smart tools from menu selling, finance calculators and product explanations to customer portals, e-signature, document storage, notes, tasks and files.

Compliance is covered

Our dealership finance platform takes care of NCCP (National Consumer Credit Protection) requirements and lending obligations with a fully compliant and auditable process, allowing your team to focus on driving sales and removing regulatory worries.

Comprehensive reporting suite

Accounting and financial reporting is made easy through our automated reporting suite. Operating in real time, your reports will update live – giving you the data you need when you need it. 

Visible results

Finance and Aftermarket delivers customer satisfaction and gives you bottom line results. Research shows that our dealer finance solution can provide customers with a 20% increase in finance penetration, 25% less discounting on interest rates and save on average 30 minutes per application.1 Click here to view a client success story.

Running a successful dealership is about having the right tools at your fingertips. With Finance and Aftermarket, there’s no need to be a financial expert. Your team can focus on sales and service, while this complete car dealer financing platform does the rest. 

To find out more about how to integrate Finance and Aftermarket into your dealership system, click here.

1. Based on a dealer group with a nationwide presence playing in the new & used car market using Finance and Aftermarket for three years. When this group first started, they were achieving 32% penetration, which is an expected result. They then introduced a recommended strategy of engaging the sales floor to promote finance from the enquiry. The data started to show a direct correlation between finance quotes (finance score) and finance penetration)