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As the automotive industry knows better than most, everything moves faster these days. Products, services, expectations, and the way we do business are changing at such a rapid pace, it’s hard to be sure you’re keeping up. 

And in the automotive industry, the same goes for the best car dealer software. In a competitive, digitalised marketplace, how can you be certain which dealership software is right for you?

Ask these questions to help choose the best software tools for your business:

Is it specifically designed for the automotive industry?

When you’re operating in the niche automotive market, you need car dealer software that understands your business needs and auto-customer behaviours. 

While the physical point of sale may still be your dealership, our research shows that more than 80% of car buyers envisage their new purchase will be at least partly online.¹ As the world continues to digitise, so too do your customers. 

Using the top digital retailing partners can keep you on track, getting results like 5x more leads, higher profits and reaching 75% of all in-market shoppers.

Does it meet your dealership’s software needs?

Every car dealership is unique – its location, its customers and its brand make each one different to the next. And this means there’s no one-size-fits-all-approach when it comes to the best car dealer software. 

To give you the edge, the right digital solution will be the one that seamlessly integrates each element of your dealership operation and is tailored just for you.

Does it have an easy-to-use, intuitive interface?

Like pieces of a puzzle, you want a software platform that clicks together so your dealership runs like a well-oiled machine.

If different parts of your business rely on systems that don’t integrate smoothly, it slows you down – and eventually, costs you time and money. The right software suite will be easy to learn and connect efficiently across your dealership, making it simple to use whether it’s for back-office, sales or service areas.

Will the software grow with your business?

To keep up with the ever-changing digital environment, dealership software must be able to adapt as you do. Agility is paramount. 

In any successful business, things will change. Look for a diverse software package that not only moves in line with your needs but anticipates them. 

Is there great customer support?

You never think about needing customer support – until you need it. Keep this in mind at the start of your journey to the right car dealer software choice. 

Your team will need training, assistance and technical support, so make sure you’re comfortable that help is there when and how you need it. 

Next steps…

With these questions in mind, where do you go from here to create the perfect software platform for your dealership? 

This is where Cox Automotive helps you take control. We offer a technology solution for every aspect of your dealership, bringing together software that gives you confidence that your business is on the right track.

The beauty of Cox Automotive is our integrated, end-to-end philosophy – whatever your dealership size or goals. We take your digital retailing on the customer journey from start to finish, and beyond. Our Auto360º image and video technology ensures your inventory looks its best, while our inventory management platform, SmartPublisher, allows you to smoothly run your online advertising.

Our digital marketing services such as Connect and website platform offerings capture and engage your customers, with data then flowing through to our complete Lead Management System (LMS) – the only one that also integrates with your financiers. And we don’t forget about your customers once they’ve driven away. Our customer retention portals, such as Lifecycle, ensure that your customers stay just that – yours!

You can manage, track and report on every aspect of your operation with Dealerlogic, our dealer management system (DMS), and our Finance & Aftermarket platform gives options to integrate your DMS with Australia’s major finance, insurance, and warranty providers.

Whoever your customers are, and whatever they’re looking for, Cox Automotive merges everything you need to create one seamless online platform.

In the end, remember, whether it’s sales, marketing, servicing or operations, inventory and mobility, you want brand partners who offer software solutions that fit your dealership, giving you the digital keys to drive your business further. 

1.     2021 Cox Automotive Digitization of End-to-End Retail Study