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As our Manheim team continues to open its auction lanes across Australia to dealers and the public who are ready to experience the thrill of bidding, the camaraderie of fellow buyers, and the benefits of real-time interaction, we identified three reasons why you want to consider visiting Manheim sites across Australia.


Three reasons to attend a used vehicle auction in person.


Manheim re-opened its physical used vehicle auctions in Melbourne (7 June ) and Brisbane (13 June) with Sydney coming soon and at its other sites across the country over the coming months. For dealers out there seeking the best stock, there are great reasons to come back!

The weekly live auction events are open to the general public and dealers alike, making them a potentially great source of real-time market intelligence.

The weekly passenger, SUV and commercial vehicle auctions include affordable and prestige cars; ex-government, business and rental fleet vehicles; and trade-ins. Without further ado, let’s explore the reasons:

Reason 1:



For one thing, attending the auction lanes in person opens up networking opportunities. See what your competitors, compatriots and clients are doing, and leave with the latest insights.

Watch cars drive through Manheim’s auction lanes, see all the action in person as our auctioneers offer a wide variety of cars for sale, and even enjoy some hot food and coffee.

Sam Hunter, Director of Operations for Manheim, said, “Importantly, we actively consulted with our customers to understand how we could improve our service and better meet their needs by returning to our omni-channel solution. While we knew that a combination of online and in-lane buyers would help sell more cars, we also knew from customer feedback that both buyers and sellers were keen to return to the days of catching up with each other in person on a regular basis.”

Reason 2:

See stock in person


Seeing vehicles that are up for auction also allows you to immediately assess what rectification work is required.

By taking physical inspections of cars beforehand and as they drive through the lanes and reading Manheim’s downloadable condition reports, you stand the best chance of securing the best vehicles available.

“Buyers can also inspect the vehicle in person and then bid online if that’s their preference,” adds Sam Hunter, referring to the company’s commitment to an omnichannel approach.

Reason 3:

Get a better gauge on the market


The return of physical auctions gives those with an eagle-eye a rapid bead on consumer interest and sentiment. See what’s getting the most bids, understand the market conditions, and find trends that much quicker.

Ultimately, while digital buying tools are a useful and convenient way to procure top-shelf second-hand vehicle stock, attending the auction lanes live and in person is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

Sam Hunter continued, “Being in lane, our Dealer customers can get a direct sense of the market by seeing interest levels from wholesale buyers and the public alike. They can see which cars are getting the most bids and what the best stocking opportunities might be for their preferred mix of used vehicles for retail. Being in lane can also help them understand the options they have for using Manheim as a disposal channel to maximise returns for their unwanted trade-ins.”

What about online auctions?

Prior to COVID-19 suspensions, Manheim’s physical auctions were attended by thousands of people every week, creating a dynamic marketplace for the sale of hundreds of used vehicles.

In their place, Manheim turned to convenient simulcast auctions with online bidding, which are here to stay and remain an important part of the company’s operation.

Nevertheless, there are some real benefits in coming down to the lanes and kicking the tyres in person to find some top-shelf used vehicle stock – even if it’s only from time to time.

Keen to know more and how to bid?

Visit our team at Manheim via this link to discover more about live Auctions and how you can bid and buy in person.