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Having the right advertising strategy is crucial for any business. And when you’re running a busy dealership, you need tools at your fingertips that make your job as easy as possible – while still giving you the edge over your competition.

This includes taking a smart advertising approach when it comes to integration with your vehicle inventory management. And this is where SmartPublisher can help.

Our SmartPublisher platform allows you to streamline your advertising across multiple car sales websites, aggregating all your dealer inventory data and giving you full online control.

Read on and find out why SmartPublisher inventory management system for the automotive industry is the right choice for your dealership.

Manage your inventory from one powerful dashboard

You can’t succeed in sales without an advertising strategy that works, but knowing how to manage this in the digital environment can be challenging. SmartPublisher operates via a powerful centralised dashboard which lets you update your vehicle inventory when and how you want. You can edit pricing, images and vehicle details from one single place, ensuring that your vehicles’ descriptions are accurate and consistent wherever they’re published.

Integrates with all dealer management systems

It’s easy to get started and stay on top of your data. From the beginning, your inventory can be seamlessly integrated into SmartPublisher. Our automotive distribution software accepts data from all dealer management systems (DMS) and other data sources, making automated integration easy.

Unlimited advertising destinations

SmartPublisher allows you to control and publish your vehicles on top websites like Carsales, Autotrader, Gumtree, as well as all dealership websites – the choice is yours. Whether you choose a single or unlimited advertising destination package, our flexible automotive inventory management software lets you select, update and control where your inventory is published. 

Real-time updates

With fast data exporting and real-time integration, vehicle updates you make on your own website will swiftly transfer to any online advertising platform you use. From price changes and new photos to adding or removing vehicles, you can be assured any updates will be quickly reflected across your advertising sites without added hassle.  

SmartPublisher hits the mark when it comes to car advertising software that makes your job easy. It’s the smart choice of inventory management system for the automotive industry, which puts you in control of your online advertising strategy with just a few simple clicks. You can also choose to upgrade your features to SmartPublisher Pro, giving you even more power with lead pausing, bulk re-list capability and greater publishing options. Get on top of your advertising with SmartPublisher and you’ll never look back.

Talk to us today about how to get started with SmartPublisher for your dealership.