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When running a business today, you need control of industry insights to keep ahead of the rest like never before. With the constant drive to stay in front, you understand that making informed decisions is the key to success. In the automotive world, that means being up to date on your own inventory, pricing strategy and stock quality, just as much as your competitor’s. 

AutoRadar Market Insights is a holistic software platform that gives you access to automotive data across the board, providing used car market insights that give you the edge. Evaluate your inventory based on market comparisons, value vehicles in real-time, understand your trade-in and dealer-asking price, and break down consumer interest on all makes and models across your choice of locations.  

With dedicated modules such as Vehicle Analysis, Vehicle Valuation, Market Insights and Inventory Analysis, you’ll have the tools at your fingertips to compare, analyse and make the right decisions for your dealership.

Measure demand

Having up-to-date automotive industry insights of popular makes and models from across your region means you’ll know what’s hot and what’s not. AutoRadar gives you the tools to measure the demand and better understand what consumers are looking for to optimise your stock choices.

Informed decisions

In the current market, you can’t afford to second-guess your strategies and how to best implement them. Recognising trends and knowing what your customers want will give you confidence to make the right decisions about your inventory, vehicle valuations and listing prices, saving you time and money. 

Analyse your inventory

Truly understand your inventory with AutoRadar’s real-time competitor analysis tool. This state-of-the-art feature integrates with your stock management data allowing you to accurately evaluate your inventory against the market, ensuring that your pricing, valuation, marketing and advertising strategies are on track to deliver profitable outcomes.

Buy the right stock

When you understand automotive industry insights into both your consumers and competitors, you won’t end up investing time and money on stock choices that don’t hit the mark with buyers. Using live trend data, you can be sure that you’re filling your lot with stock that customers are looking for right now, maximising profit and avoiding costly errors.

User-friendly and easy to use

Data analysis is easy with our user-friendly online dashboard for use across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. With clear graphics, well-structured layout and interactive colour displays, AutoRadar makes it simple to understand the used car data insights you need.

In today’s competitive automotive market, the tools that drive your business further are crucial to your operating strategy. AutoRadar gives you comprehensive automotive dealer insight across vehicle makes and models, consumer trends and industry comparison, allowing you to drill deeper and pinpoint the right inventory for your dealership. With no lock-in contracts and competitive pricing, contact us today about how AutoRadar can work for you.