With the launch of Dealer-Auction, franchised dealers now have access to a proven online platform that has been delivering excellent results for UK dealers for over a decade. The platform allows franchised dealers to list trade-in stock to a larger and more competitive marketplace than the traditional closed tender model. Instead of giving away potential margin to a small group of regular wholesale buyers, franchised dealers can open up their inventory to a wide audience of motivated used vehicle buyers.

While franchised dealers can list and of course buy stock using the platform, independent dealers can participate as buyers. Dealer-Auction provides independent dealers and licenced wholesalers with access to franchised dealer stock that they could not previously purchase, offered in time based online auctions that can run 24/7, 365 days a year. is supported by a team of motor industry professionals with extensive dealership experience, who support buyers and sellers throughout the entire process. Specialist negotiators even help to close sales on vehicles that don’t meet reserve.

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